Why Playing Sports is Good for Your Kid

previewPlaying sports is a great way to engage yourself in outdoor activities and is very beneficial for you. The physical effort that goes into sports and games is a good source of exercise for you and what’s more is that they’re enjoyable. In fact some people play sports as just because they love it and in turn, it does wonders for them physically, your heart rate increases, you have a better blood flow and your body gets better trained, making you a more energetic individual. Which is why it is recommended that everyone should have the appropriate amount of physical activity in their lives, according to their age. This is especially true for young children since they are in their growing phase and can benefit greatly from some activity. For starters, an active child eats better and sleeps better, two very important factors that influence growth. And what better way to ensure that your child gets enough physical activity then to have them participate in outdoor sports and games?

Not only do children benefit from sports in terms of health and their general wellbeing, children should be encouraged to play sports for the simple reason that they love it. Children are very competitive with other children their age, as such playing games such as soccer with their class mates at school can be a very engaging activity for them. You’ll see more enthusiasm in a fifth grader playing football than a professional league player, as the matter of fact. Children are just tend to be a lot more energetic than adults are, therefore sports give them a great means to channel their energies. The only time you’ll hear a child upset over sports is when they’re told that they can’t go outside and play. However, it is still advisable that an adult oversees a group of children while they play. Sports can get a bit rough and children are less tolerant of pain than us adults.

Playing sports with also teach your child valuable lessons. It creates this sense of fair play, teamwork and sportsmanship at a young age. They also learn to live by the ‘you win some, you lose some’ philosophy and realize that one can accomplish almost anything with effort and hard work. Also if your child’s been playing a certain sport from a young age, there is a pretty good chance that they get good enough at it to pursue it late on in life as well. There’s a number of sports opportunities for children. They get to be on their school’s teams as well as get scholarships based on their physical education merits. Who knows maybe their athletic prowess could open the door for career opportunities in sports too? There’s no harm that can come out of letting your child play games and indulge in outdoor activities but there is a lot of good. For these reasons it is highly advisable that you encourage your children to pay in sports. While you’re at it, why don’t you join in with them every once in a while? It can be a great family activity too!

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The Joy of Sports

HU5Wzz2UAs a default in our nature as human beings, we can be a bit lazy if we don’t have much to do. And if left unchecked, this laziness of ours can become somewhat of a habit that is hard to break given our lack of motivation to move and participate in some kind of activity. Which is why it’s probably a good idea to make sure that you get at least some kind of exercise in the course of your day. If you’re a young adult you probably already get plenty of exercise in your daily routine. If you go to college or university, you probably walk long distances between academic buildings every day and are probably getting sick of it as well. However, you should know that all that distance you walk is good for you. But if you’re an able bodied person aged somewhere between 16-28 years and don’t get any sort of real exercise in your day then, well, shame on you. You’re in the prime of your life and f you don’t indulge in some kind of physical activity now, you might grow up to be a very tiresome person. Now here’s an idea that you could greatly benefit from, why not try out some kind of sport?

Sports are a great means of entertainment, exercise as well as recreation. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are passionate sport fanatics who would tear through thick and thin just to make sure that they don’t miss their big game that they’ve waited in anticipation for all week. Large companies and organizations invest in trending sports event in millions as sponsors because of the high anticipated spectator numbers. Every time a major sports event such as the Olympics takes place, there is a global hype and almost everyone around the world follows the event from behind their TV screens if not at the actual stadiums.

The tickets are usually sold out a year in advance sometimes, that’s just how popular these events can be. Watching and following sports is one thing, if you truly want to enjoy a certain sport and really benefit from it, you ought to try it out yourself. If you’re a diehard cricket fan, there’s no way that you haven’t already tried playing a few overs of cricket with your friends. It’s only natural that you’d want to play the game you love watching and you should as well, Swinging the bat for yourself, scoring wickets and taking down wickets is all part of the game and can be a lot of fun. Besides the amount of exercise you’re going to get is something truly beneficial. There are recreational sports as well that are equally good for you and can be a very refreshing experience as well. Such sports include leisurely games such as golf as well as the very popular sport of swimming which is both a very refreshing experience, especially in the summer heat as well and it does your body wonders!

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Palio degli Asini @ Mendrisio

Il Palio di Mendrisio è una manifestazione che ha per protagonisti gli asini e che si tiene ogni anno alle porte dell’estate. Ne è ispiratore e fondatore Giancarlo Bernasconi con gli amici Adriano Molteni ed Egidio Croci. Insieme decidono di organizzare una festa che coinvolga la popolazione del Magnifico Borgo. Il debutto avviene un po’ in sordina nel 1983. Il Palio sperimentale piace però da subito alla gente che vi partecipa con vivo entusiasmo. Si decide perciò di riproporlo l’anno successivo. Da allora naviga con il vento in poppa e la sua solida struttura è radicata nella tradizione. Nel corso degli anni la sua fisionomia è cambiata, ma ha mantenuto lo spirito originario. Clou della kermesse rimane la gara in groppa agli asini per conquistare il trofeo. A sfidarsi sul prato del Vecchio Ginnasio nel nucleo storico sono i rappresentanti delle cinque Contrade o Rioni che formano Mendrisio: Cantun Uri, Curubiell, Vila Furesta, Vignuu, Brecch. Nel 2003 Salorino si aggrega alla numerosa famiglia del Palio e diventa il sesto Rione con il nome di Salurin. Accanto alla competizione con i simpatici quadrupedi dalle orecchie lunghe e dallo sguardo dolce vi sono numerose attività ludiche alle quali partecipano con vera gioia bambini e ragazzi. L’atmosfera di allegria è palpabile nelle vie e viuzze del Borgo vestito a festa per l’evento, con il suo sventolare di bandiere e del gonfalone del Palio che troneggia dalla terrazza del ristorante Commercio. Il Palio è un momento di incontro e di svago per la popolazione locale, ma anche per chi viene da fuori porta. Persino i forestieri che capitano nella pimpante Mendrisio del Palio colgono quel senso di comunità che aleggia ovunque. I diversi gemellaggi con manifestazioni analoghe del Ticino e della vicina Italia hanno arricchito l’appuntamento ricreativo che ogni anno invita svariati ospiti che propongono colorate esibizioni come quella degli sbandieratori del Borgo di San Lorenzo (Alba). Nel 2002 la kermesse ha festeggiato il traguardo dei vent’anni con tutti gli onori e nel 2004 si è rifatta il look con un nuovo stendardo. A sottolineare la 22esima edizione la posa di una moderna fontana laddove si svolge la gara con gli asini, sulla quale sono incisi gli stemmi dei Rioni del Palio. L’allestimento della manifestazione impegna una numerosa squadra di infaticabili volontari che lavora sodo durante tutto l’anno per offrire il meglio, capitanata dall’attuale presidente Nicola di Ludovico che ha sostituito il presidente onorario Giancarlo Bernasconi sempre all’opera dietro le quinte.

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